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I hit the ground running at 14 years old as the first freelance for Urban Decay in Utah. After five years I ventured on to working for Aveda for six years, holding top sales positions and creative directing for Landis Lifestyle Salon—the top Aveda Salon in the country.


At the top of my game, assisting Antoinette Beanders, Creative Director of Aveda, at New York City Fashion Week in Winter 2013, I was struck by a car coming down the Brooklyn Bridge. Catapulting my body 50 feet through the air, I landed on my head. While fighting for my life at Cornell Hospital for two months, suddenly the importance of winged liner and contoured cheeks offered no real value alongside the compassion in ones eyes or the warmth of ones skin. With my physical injuries of a shattered leg, pelvis, rib cage and skull, the subtle body came to life allowing me to clearly see that when we are stripped to our rawest form, beauty is revealed. I was not dead, but more alive than I had ever been. 


Yoga is what ultimately led me to this awakening. I had a clear purpose to share my belief that real beauty should be conscious and sustainable, not dictated by the illusionary importance of disposable trends, but to revel in the playland of full expression. Yoga entered my life 10 years ago when I was struggling to find a balance of social and work commitments while completely ignoring my body and spirit. I was grateful to connect to my first yoga instructor and my curiosity kept me returning to the mat. Within two years, my practice had greatly altered my outer world and my inner landscape. I began to seek out retreats, workshops, participating in as many as possible. I studied a week of Astanga in Thailand, holding workshops on Yin, Restore and Hatha. 

My weekly Astanga practice with Adam Ballinger in Salt Lake City, Utah gave me a clear direction on anatomy, allowing me to ground and focus my practice. After my accident, my body was greatly injured leaving me frail and vulnerable. During my recovery, I was blessed in being led to Kundalini Yoga and I began to connect to my inner world more deeply.  My understanding of the spiritual realms allowed me to heal on multiple levels and I experienced  the “Kundalini Awakening” within my being. 

I was ecstatic. Life was shining more brightly then ever before. In a now empowered state of being, I could live the life I was meant to live. In the most natural way, I was guided to the teachings of Tantra which taught me to live and cultivate a deep heart connection. Acting as a student of the ancient practice, I embarked on a month-long deep study in the Andes of Ecuador, at Durga’s Tiger School. Relaxing and allowing became as important a tool as action and achieving. I learned to balance my own masculine and feminine nature and in kind, adopted the healing principles of plants and places in the natural world. Tantra weaves in ritual and ceremony and acknowledges that each new day is a gift. I am honored to share the transformative Krya’s of Kundalini that purify and detoxify the body. Merged with the deep and relaxing philosophy of Tantra, which allows the light of life to flow freely. It connects us to one another and the universe through compassion and receptivity to enjoy the awakening and empowering divine feminine within.


Love and light guide our way home. Sat nam.



Stylist, Creative Director, Freelance Artist, Educator, and Instructor

  • Freelance for Urban Decay 5 years

  • Freelance Make Up artist and Hair Stylist for Aveda 6 years- known for my ability to naturally sell Aveda Product

  • Freelance for Bobbi Brown, MAC, Philosophy and Make Up Forever at Nordstrom

  • Hair and Make up for the Tommy Hillfiger Campaign

  • Hair and Make up for the Kate Spade “Public School" New York City Fashion Week 2014

  • Team Lead for “Hair Wars”- A Landis Salon Competition

  • Creative Director for Aveda Landis Lifestyle Salons in Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Volunteer for "Giving is in the New Black” -Lunatic Fringe

  • Volunteer Make Up and Hair Stylist for Ballet West Fundraisers

  • Curating Salt Lake City Fashion Shows, Fundraisers, Ad Campaigns and Events

  • 14 years behind the chair building a beautiful and diverse clientele

  • Licensed Instructor with two successful apprentices- one working as a freelance artist in NYC and the other working for the top Aveda salon in the country




I have had the honor of sharing the classes at The Sanctuary in Potrero Costa Rica. I lead private, couple and group sessions in Utah, Nevada and California and have led group classes in Park City, and at Red Butte Garden with the talented Becca Peters of Metta Mindfulnes Center. 


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