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"When the subconscious learns, thanks to Tantra Yoga, that the body is not as firm as it appears, that it is energy and that every cell dances constantly, irradiating light, it also notices that you have the power to move your body without effort, simply with intention. The body flows into the Asanas with lightness." - Durga's Tiger School


I offer 2  Zoom Classes per week. Join me for Kundalini, Kriyas, meditation or movement.

Tuesday & Thursday

7:30am - 8am

Contact me for pricing and signup HERE


Private Yoga

I offer Tantra Yoga one-on-one. We'll explore a balancing series working the body's natural elements: fire, earth, and air, creating space in the mind and body through deep, slow stretches and breath work. This session will leave you feeling refreshed, rested and clear. 


Group Tantra​

Accommodates 4-10 people in your sacred space "on location" for celebrations, weddings, birthdays, and milestone moments. 

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